Sunday, 26 February 2012

I am back!

I am back folks! Well in truth i have never been away as such. My lack of blogging activity is down to the fact that my Internet access has been stopped due to a damaged modem power cable. In most normal households an incident like this would normally be down to maybe a trapping the wire under something and damaging it or just general ware and tear. But not in my humble abode. Upon inspection of the afore mentioned wire it became clear that the wire had been chewed extensively. In fact looking at the amount of damage on the wire i am amazed that it lasted as long as it did. Now that i had found out why it was damaged the next step was to try and find the suspect or in this case suspects. Which didn't take to long to work out; here is a picture of the suspects all looking rather shifty with guilty faces.
hear no evil,see no evil,speak no evil!
Over the past couple of weeks I have seen a very entertaining 3-3 draw between Lincoln and Braintree. A crap game between Gainsborough Trinity and Harrogate Town which saw a 0-1 win for the away side, and yesterday I saw the 1-1 draw between Lincoln City and AFC Telford. All these will be added over the next two days or so. Plus some other stuff so its going to be a busy few days on this blog folks.

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