Sunday, 28 June 2009

And that alas is that!

well sods law strikes again! the only match i get to watch and she fucks up.If the truth be told she was bloody awful and was lucky to get the first set in all honestly. still it has given me something to post on here while the football news is a little lacking.Maybe now she is out she should visit north nottingshire for a couple of days, then it could be new balls please!

melanie oudin bt jelena jankovic 6-7 7-5 6-2
( and the american played very well)

Friday, 26 June 2009

great goals of our time no2

Back to my favourite world cup tournament ever. USA 94 and its Belgium v Saudi Arabia Enjoy!

Round two news!

Another day,another win another picture!
Jelena Jankovic bt Iveta Benesova 6-2 6-4!

Conferadatons cup 2009

I must say i have been enjoying this tournament over the last couple of weeks or so. i had decided i was going to support the USA in the competition and see how it went.
the draw was quite one sided with favourites Spain having one of the weakest groups ever with New Zealand,Iraq and host nation South Africa.
the other group was harder by far. With world champions Italy, Brazil Egypt and my adopted team for the next couple of weeks the USA.
group one went to form with Spain gliding through slamming four past New Zealand in 20 mins in the first game.South Africa joined them although i thaught they were pretty crap and look a good bet to become the first host nation to go out in the group satge of the world cup next year.
Group two was far more the first round of games Italy came from behind to beat the USA scoring two goals in the last 20 Min's for a totally undeserved win.. in the other game Brazil won 4-3 against African champions Egypt. in the second round of games Brazil destroyed the USA 3-0 to go through to the semi finals.the group was blown open by Egypt beating Italy 1-0.
for the usa to get through to the semi finals they needed to beat Egypt and for Italy to lose to Brazil with a three goal swing, and that's what happened!!!! USA 3- Eygpt 0 combined with Brazil 3-0 Italy sent the sates through with only 3 points!

on to the semi finals! Spain v USA and South Africa v Brazil!

All the build up to the first semi seeded to be about how many Spain would win by ha ha. The USA Didn't let Spain settle, rattled them and totally deserved there win! in the other semi Brazil beat South Africa 1-0 with a free kick 2 mins from time!
So after dumping the world champions and European champions The USA are one game from becoming the champions of champions! can they beat Brazil? i hope so and why not after the last couple of weeks?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Round one result

well shes through round one,so it means another picture!An action picture this time as well!!
jelena jankovic bt julia goerges 6-4 7-6

(not that i understand any of the rules or tatics of the game.)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Great goals of our time (number one)

heres the first in which i hope will be a new series of videos i have picked out of great goals. (carnt see there being many lincoln ones!)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sophie returns!!!!

And now for something different

With no football for a couple of weeks there isn't much to report. Wimbledon starts Monday. i am getting a bit bored of hearing about Andy Murry and if we are going to get a British winner for the first time since god knows when.

If i do watch any of it,it will be to support Jelena Jankovic!! no prizes foe guessing why. i will keep you update with her progress (or lack of it now that i am supporting her) and yes there will be a picture with every update its a tough job looking for Jelena pictures but i will force myself to do it! ;-)

and lets hope venus willaims doesn't win it again!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Its cup time!

The imps have been drawn at home to Championship side Barnsley (two leagues higher than us) at home in the first round of the Carling cup.

Pretty crap draw in my book. i had wanted either of the Sheffield clubs or Nottingham forest away but there you go, and in all fairness we have a chance to cause an upset and beat this mob. at "the bank"

The way the Carling cup works is that all teams in league two, league one and the championship enter in round one, the premiership clubs that are not in European competition enter in round two and the "big clubs "enter in round the chances that the imps will get a crack at Man utd or Liverpool are slim. why they get seeded to round three nobody knows.just another kick in the teeth for the small clubs really but that's the way it is.

This cup has been kind to Lincoln in the past

Lincoln city 4 -Manchester city 1 (1st leg)

Manchester city 0-Lincoln city 1 (2nd leg)

Lincoln city 3-Derby county 1

Lincoln city 5-crewe 1

(all the above were championship sides when we beat them in the last few years)


The way ahead 2009-10

The fixture list for next season has on the face of it been kind to the Imps.Personally i would have rather been away than at home first game up, however we have been given Barnet at home which is a decent first game and with a trip to Accrington stanley to follow there is a chance for us to start the season with two wins on the trot.

Both the Lincolnshire derbys are on Saturdays with Grimsby visiting lincoln in first in November and we travel to the land of the cod a week after Valentine's day! lets just hope we do better there than last years 5-1 gut wrenching defeat.

If i could have had any fixture at anytime i would have picked Notts County away to be middweek.... And it is!!! so its two days of work, an all day session around Nottingham before the game, Hooters pre and post game, the best stadium in league two and more than likly a curry after the game and drunken phone calls late into the night no dout!!! oh and a good game of football between to teams than will be hopeing for a better season than last roll on April the 13th 2010!

We have the last game of the season at home to big keiths Maccelsfield town which would be interesting if we are fighting for anything on the last day. Boxing day sees the Imps host Chesterfield then travel to newly promoted Burton Albion for the first game of 2010.

Torquay way has the potential to be a weekend away falling at the end of March as has Barnet at the end of January (only one will be done though)

Maccelsfield away is a good away day to go to on the train due to the number of pubs en route form the train station up to the football ground so that could well be on my hit list (unless it gets switiched due to the England game the same day) the last away game is at Aldershot so that well could get a visit form the Retford imps if we are still "in the hunt"

full fixture list can be found on the imps website (see link on right)

Monday, 15 June 2009

pre season plans

Here are a few games that i have picked out for doing pre-season, some i know i am doing some are hit and miss. hopefully i Will add a few more to the list who knows? and more to the point who cares?

Thursday 2nd July

Tus celle fc v Lincoln city (defiantly doing this as flights and hotel are booked!)

Wednesday 8th July

Lincoln city v Ferencavaros

Friday 10th July

Ollerton town v Notts county

Saturday 11th july

Retford united v Eastwood town (although i am looking for an alternative without much luck)

could well have a training weekend the 18-19 July, but watch this space.

Tuesday the 21th July

Hucknall town v Eastwood town. i am staying over on notts that night so i would love a better game in Nottingham that night if anybody knows a better one please let me know

Monday the 20th July

Lincoln city v Arsenal reserves/youth

Saturday the 25th July

Shirebrook town v Quorn if the imps are playing/carnt get

Saturday the 1st august

Shirebrook v stockbridge if i don't got to the shire the week before,if i do then who knows! STOP PRESS. it now looks like it will be goole town v lincoln city, just seen the ground is very close to the train station! two trips to shirebrook in a week would be to much anyway i think!

Wednesday 5th August

Radford v Carlton town depending what rest days i have left when lincolns fixtures are released

hopefully i few opportunities will present themselves plus Lincoln haven't released all there pre season dates,ether that or they can't be arsed to play many games this pre season!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Another throphy!

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh penguins for winning the Stanley cup against Detroit last night. I don't follow it much and prefer the American football and baseball to hockey (mainly due To ice hockey being the housewife's sport over here like "soccer" is in the USA) But it is still great to see that after the steelers Superbowl win, working class and down to earth Pittsburgh is now becoming the sporting capital of the United states as appose to the glory and glamour city's of New york,San Fransisco Los angles etc etc .

long may it continue!! and yes i have jumped on the bandwagon and put my pens t-shirt on!!

Friday, 12 June 2009


And here are the reasons
1) No Football (roll on next years world cup!)
2) its way to hot at work
3) England often get stuffed at cricket
4) it doesn't feel right going out at night when its still daylight.
5) Music festivals on tv that seem to full off middle class students that were dropped of there by daddy in his 4x4 truck, but are concerned about climate change.
6) people who shouldn't be flashing the flesh often do (male and female)
7 HAYFEVER!!!!!! this has totally wrecked me over the last couple of weeks! if you don't have it its differcult to explain how much this fucks you up. just to put the icing on the cake hayfever sets of my asthma to for the price of one! fantastic!!!
to counter this all the curtains have been shut for the past couple of weeks and i haven't been out much.

So if you see me with bloodshot eyes runny nose and breathing like Darth Vader you know the reason why. Roll on the winter, football season cold weather,nice dark early nights xmas,American football,Christmas and my birthday are just a few things the great season of winter brings us.. and its on its way after the 22nd of june-the longest day of the year.
let us raise a glass to winter!!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Two steps foward, one step back

The imps build up to pre season took a blow today with the news that full back Paul Green needs a hip operation and will be out till at least Christmas.Although his form wasn't as good in 2008-9 than it was in 2007-08 he was still pretty soild. not what we need at this time. i have faith that Jacko will have something up his sleeve. all the best to Paul green for a speedy recovery.
The "word on the street" is that we are set to sign two strikers this week, although plenty of names have been banded about one pops up quite consistently. i will not say anymore though until/if they are confirmed.
In other news it looks like it a case of last one out the door please turn out the lights at AC Milan with the coach gone to Chelsea star man Kaka looks to be on his way to Real Madrid. Shame to see Milan falling apart eh ? ha ha ah

fully recovered form the weekend now. Its England v Andorra in a world cup qualifier Wednesday night and its on ITV so no need to go the pub to watch it! just had a quick scan of the other world wide fixtures and can't seem to pick a decent game out at all. although Scotland will have an eye on the Macedonia v Iceland game and Holland v Norway. The USA don't play but there next game is massive, away to Mexico in August although if Mexico don't beat Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday then its curtains for them!

only 367 days till the World cup!!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

plans of 2009-10 season

at the moment i am recovering form a hangover from hell! i am on about my 5th cup of sweat earl grey tea.still feel groggy though i carnt be arsed to do anything apart from blog. which prat decided to let the England game kick off at 4 pm gmt yesterday? i feel i need to take the chap you decided that on judge Judy to try and sue his arse for making me drink all the way through the game in a pub then go out around the town afterwards!!

Good 4-0 win for England putting us on the verge on qualifying for the world cup next year. Scotland look good for a playoff place.Wales are all but out of it as normal. Northern Ireland are still right in the mix in a tough group.japan and south Korea qualified last night along with Holland . the USA look a good bet to qualify while Mexico look doomed. when did they go shit?

on to the plans for 2009-10. I will be getting my season ticket in a couple of weeks for the Imps home games so that's that sorted. I am thinking of cutting down on the away games. I will still do the old favourite's Notts county, Grimsby etc etc. plus i would love to go to torquay for a weekend so i can go to the hot rock and blues bar!!!! and relive the 98 weekend me and the boys had down there.
i would also like to do the grounds in our league that i havntdone yet. The thing is that so clubs in our league are charging stupid money to get in £20 quid to get in in places like Rochdale and Bradford is a total joke for league 2 football.then add train fare/petrol plus beer,food badge and programme etc and you are looking at about 50-60 quid in total to watch the imps. i will look at the fixture list when it comes out and pick about 10 away games and target them.

when i am not watching the imps i will look to do local non league (semi pro) games. old favourites like Lincoln united and shirebrook etc etc. i would like to do more grounds in Nottinghamshire. Eastwood and Carlton town are on my hit list. so it looks like a few beers in Nottingham with Gav after the games could become a more regular thing :-) plus we have the central midlands ground hop and i am trying to plan a few days away in the Blackpool (the uks answer the vegas) to see either AFC Blackpool,Blackpool wren rovers squires gate fc in a midd week game.Hopefully there will be a trip to ibrox as well to see the newly crowned Scottish league and cup champions. always a fantastic weekend in great company !

check out this great web site on football clubs in nottinghamshire ( on the menu on the right hand side)

Saturday, 6 June 2009


Sorry for the cartoon picture, i spent hours last night looking for a decent picture of a British, American and Canadian flag together but could i hell find a decent one.this one would be much better if the bulldog was wearing a British flag instead of a English one. if anybody can find a better one please email it to me.

its 65 years ago since D-Day we must never forget what happened that day. i for one will be wearing my American and British flag pin badge with pride.

long live our coalition


( Even if the french did "forget" to invite our Queen to the remberance ceremony)

Friday, 5 June 2009

The re-building begins

Ok first imp related blog of the 2009-10 season. realistically we need about 5-6 first team squad players plus a couple of youngsters for the upcoming season.
the first new imp to sign is former imp and member of our 2003 and 2005 playoff finals defeats Richard Butcher. He has scored about a dozen goals in his last two seasons at notts county and should give us the firepower from midfield we so badly lacked in the second half of last season after we sold frecklington to peterbrough united.
the second new player is young striker jamie clarke. i don't know an awful lot about him apart from the fact that he came through the youth ranks at Blackburn rovers and he scored a hatrick against grimsby last season so he is already on good terms with the imps support!!!
with so many players out of work this summer i feel the playing field will be a little more level which should help the imps.
still no news on the new away shirt i am afraid

should be getting my season ticket in the next 2 weeks or so. the trip to fc tulsa cella in Germany is all sorted, flights and hotel booked. but i will write more in my pre season blog when i get my arse round to writing it!!