Tuesday, 28 April 2009

when i win a shit load of cash!!!

its been a while since my last blog but a few will come along in a row now!!

For a while now i have been reading the "rough guide to the USA" and have been thinking of the top things i would love to do over there.

firstly i must say that the first thing i would do is a two week break in PA. the ideas i am putting here are only if i won the lottery, and could pack in working and travel the world. i will blog about PA later (by far and away my top place in the USA!!!!!)

City wise i would say Chicago would be top of my list (outside of pa of course Pittsburgh is number one!!! ) there seems to be alot to do there and some of the bars are meant to be outstanding, and i suppose the gangster storys for the 30,s appeal to me as certainly influances my suits and stuff when i dress up looking smart. and by all accounts the pizzas are to die for!!!

The south sounds fun aswell, if only to try the soul food that i hear so much the book. the music seen and the partying would really appeal to me i think.although it would be added with a somber note due to hurricane Katrina back in 2005. it would be great to see new Orleans rise again in much the same way London and may other British city's did after the war in 1945. i hope the government speeds up the rebuilding process. would the process be as slow if it had happened in say Boston or new york? would the people have to fend for themselves for as long as they did? the pictures from the tv had a big impact on me and so many questions about the response are still to be answered (by those at the top not the brave hero's at the front line)

Lincoln nebraska would be good to vist aswell, it only for a picture in my city shirt at the lincoln road sign and to leave a lincoln city fc pennant in a random back street bar somewhere.

i will post some more places later but like i say it all comes way behind PA!!, and the nations biggest tourist attraction...........

BIG PHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

if,buts and maybes

Ok, after two wins on the trot a few imps fans now think we have a shot at the playoffs! because we are ONLY (?) six points behind the last spot (which is the only one really up for grabs) with a game in hand and the last playoff team shrewsbury still to play.

sorry to piss on your chips my fellow imps but it just anit going to be i am afraid. Lets look at it. we have beaten maccelsfield and accrington who are not to put to fine apoint on it are crap. The whole thing rests on the chesterfield result on tuesday night away (the game in hand) if we dont win its curtains. and they have the top goalscorer in the league at the moment so its going to be a tough game and i carnt see three points i am afraid one mayby but three will be tough.
then its luton at home who arnt going down without a fight, we then have exeter,bradford and shrewsbury to play who are all fighting for the playoffs with only aldershot on the last day with nothing to play for.
i feel we would need to win at least 4 of them to make the playoffs and with our inconstant form its unlikely i am afraid.
but its a hell of a lot better than last year.

the future is bright!!!