Saturday, 31 October 2009

Matlock Town U19 3-0 Worksop Town

Ok i know it may seem a bit sad watching a game like this,but i had sod all else to do apart from take on the world at Mario Kart!!
And to be honest it wasn't a bad night out in deepest darkest Derbyshire either.That said the first impressions of the town were not to favourable.On our way to the ground we walked past a few tramps sat around and eating out of a bin,you would expect this in some city's in Yorkshire but i never thought the sleepy town of Matlock was a tramp haven, but you learn something new everyday.
Next came the small problem of trying to get in to the ground, It was £2 to get in and the programmes were free.My mate asked for two in and two programmes, not to hard to understand you would think....wrong! i wont go into the whole conversation but finally the gateman understood that my friend wanted to pay for two people and have two programmes and we were on our merry way to the clubhouse...or not.
The clubhouse and the stand next to it has been demolished! drat drat and double drat!
There is a cricket pavilion on the cricket pitch next door to the football ground so we ventured over there in the quest for beer, alas no beer was found and just to rub it in on walking back into the ground we were asked if we had payed to get in!!!! which drew the reply of "yes we have you cheeky bastard!" and waved the free programmes in his face!He seemed quite chatty after that. My mate chatted to him while i got the hot drinks in.
The ground is only three sided.The side where the stand and clubhouse was is just hard standing, to the right of the stand is a covered stand with a small terrace.Opposite to it is a seated stand with Matlock town pained on the back of it.Behind the other goal is the cricket pitch.
With all the problems that Worksop are going through right now they do well to keep the U19 side going at all.The game was quite one sided though.Worksop never gave up and battled on till the end and could have had a goal in the final final ten minutes or so.
Sorry the report is brief i am writing this crap 5 days after the game and don't remember to much about it!

Admission £2
Programme -free (one piece of A4 folded)
Food All hot drinks were £1
Ground 3/10
Match 5/10

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lincoln City Programme fair 2009

Imps v Fulham Divison 3 1994-95 baught on Sunday for 50p

24 hours after the bore draw with Torquay united i was back at Sincil Bank for the annual Lincoln City programme fair.This is the first time i have ever been to one of these events which given my habit of hording is quite surprising!
I have always been a bit of a hoarder.As a kid it was Lego, At school it was WWF wrestling cards and ever since 1994 when i went to my first football match,a friendly between Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United (2-3 to the blades)It has been football programmes and badges.My collection of English league team badges are pinned on a Sheffield United scarf i got at the stadium at that match in 1994.

I have always looked to get a programme from Imps games whenever i go.If i miss a home game i try to get a copy of the programme at the next home game.One of the good things about following the Imps is that the programme almost never sells out.
There are a few gems in there, Cup games against the likes of Manchester city , Southampton and Nottingham Forest and friendly matches against the powerhouses of Liverpool,Newcastle and Arsenal.
At some point i will do a post about my favourite programmes, i would do it now but i have sorted them all out and they are in the attic!
Anyway,i have set myself a goal of getting ever home match issue since i started going in 1994-95 i managed to pick up 13 copies i needed on Sunday leaving me 9 more to obtain for the set! they are

Fulham 95/96
Preston 95/96 (AWS shield)
Mansfield 98/99 (AWS shield)
Cheltenham 99/00
Carlisle 99/00
Plymouth 99/00
Bournemouth 02/03
Swansea 02/03
Shrewsbury 06/07

To only be 9 short form over 350 issues isn't to bad but i will get there one day!!
To be honest if i hadn't just had a clear out i could have spent a hell of alot more than i did as there wasn't just Lincoln programmes for sale there cup finals,European matches bargain bundles you name it they had it,
Apart from the 13 Imps programmes i bought i also got a Boston United badge as i didn't get one when i last went to York Street.The good thing here is i got a badge i needed and didn't have to give Boston United any of my money,Result!!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lincoln City 0-0 Torquay United

Shock horror, for the first time this season Lincoln managed to get a draw!! I can't remember the last time we had a nil nil draw,and i can't be arsed to look back and see when it was either.
This was the first afternoon match of the season that had crap weather at the start, not hard rain but that weak drizzly crap that we tend to get quite alot. This is where the football season really starts when the rain, fleece and wooly hats come out.

It is games like this that I am very glad I stopped stewarding three seasons ago, but as you can tell from the picture above some people still enjoy it!
I worked with most of the lads on the stacey west end and they are a cracking bunch (and very good at their job) all rumours of a romance between two of them are however yet to be comfirmed!
We got to the stadium at about 2pm and popped into the supporters trust bar behind the south park end of the ground.
I haven't always liked this place but for a quick drink for 20 mins or so before the game it does its job. To be honest it is one of the better club bars in this division. There's no entry charge, both home and away fans are welcome, there is SKY TV in there, showing whichever premiership match is being played in the midday kickoff (Wolves v Aston Villa in this case)

A represemtative of the supporters trust normally reads out the teams at about 2.20 or so and thats usually followed by an auction of one or more items of Lincoln City memorabilia with all money raised going to the club. Yesteday it was a signed Lee Frecklington away shirt from last season which fetched a very respectable £55. My only problems with the bar are 1) its three quid a pint and 2) the glasses are plastic and if you place the smallest amount of pressure on them when you are lifting them up you spill i small bit out the top on the first mouthful.
The food avalible in here has a very good reputation. Felice had a pork roll and said that although it was ok they had no stuffing left! You cant beat a bit of stuffing can you!

Torquay have come back into League two this season. Its by far the longest trip the Imps will face on the road this season. Its a six hour drive down there and its on the south coast of England (For the benefit of the International readers of this blog). We only have to make this trip once a season but Torquay have away trips of this length almost every other week as there arent any league two clubs near them. So for them to bring 128 fans with them in this crap weather is a great effort!

The torquay united following.

Chris Sutton had been busy in the week bringing in two young defenders from Aston Villa, an American youth international centre back called Eric Lichay and under 19 England internationl left back Nathern Baker both on month long loans plus Bermudian international Khano Smith had got internationl clearance to play. He has signed a deal with us till January to "see how it goes". All three started.

The Imps started by kicked towards the Stacey West end first half and lined up 4-5-1.
We have started playing the ball on the deck alot more and Sutton does seem keen to see us retain the ball as oppose to launching it fowards.
4-5-1 can be played as a attacking formation if you have players running from the midfield and you can get your full backs bombing foward. At the moment however, bar Cian Houghton on the right who got some great crosses in, we just arent doing this. I belive that Khano smith will help out in this area but he hasnt played for a while so it will take him time to get match fit. He did show some glimpes of what he can do though, which is encouraging.
Torquay came more into it second half but we held firm, although there were a few heart stopping moments from set plays. We could have won it right at the death as Lichay missed a good chance, but in truth a draw was a fair result and moved us 6 points clear of managerless Grimsby in the drop zone.

It was a poor game and yes i would have liked to see us attack more. In four games under Chris we have won 2,lost 1 and drawn 1 only letting in one goal.The plan seems to be make us hard to beat then go on from there. Under Jacko and Steve Clarke we were shipping them in game after game.
We need to stick with Sutton, not text in stupid messages to the Radio Lincolnshire post match phone in moaning about how little we attacked. All the best teams are built from the back!!

Addmission-season ticket
Programme £2.50
Beer £3 a pint
Food- had a cup of soup in the ground and for once i am going to praise the catering in the groung, it was proper tinned soup and not the cuppa soup type! 9/10
Match quality 3/10
Man of the Match - Cian Houghton

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Northampton Town 1-0 Lincoln City

Sorry for the lack of pictures,i forgot to tale the camera! Doh!

I don't like grounds like Northampton's Sixfields Stadium.For me its everything that is wrong in the game today.I prefer grounds to be in the heart of the town,not like this one stuck on the outskirts.The ground although newish and clean lacks character. plus its quite small only holding around 6000-7000 or so.Its not just Northampton though,Doncaster,Scunthorpe walsall are all as drab as this place is.Sincil Bank may have its faults but i would take it over any of the above places. any day of the week.

The journey down there was pretty uneventful apart from Baz reviewing his Mr Porky pork scratchings.We went the back way through Northamptonshire and took a trip through the town going past the impressive Northampton Saints RFU ground,As sure a sign as any that Northampton is very much a Rugby town first and foremost and a football town secondly.

After paying £3 to park the car the guys went off to KFC while i checked out the club shop (i was saving myself for a kebab later in the evening) The Programme was £3 and to be fair it is quite a good effort with plenty to read and it looks quite smart as well. There is a stall outside the ground selling old programmes(not just Northampton ones either) i was tempted to buy a couple of bundles but having just had a clear out i really don't need to start building my useless junk collection up again.The club shop was quite small but sold a good range of goods.i got a badge and joined the guys feeding in KFC.
Northampton are one of these clubs that makes you queue up to buy a ticket from a little ticket booth then queue up again at the turnstiles,why i don't know.

On to the game.I don't like to complain about refs but for the first time in along time i felt he ruined the match for both sides.He didn't let the match flow,blowing up for anything and everything. Neither side created anything of note in the entire 90 mins. The high point of the game for me was Janos seeing our Hungarian Flag.
Six Lincoln players were booked thus earning us a £1000 fine. They scored about half way through the second half
Nuff said

Overall we are looking alot stronger at the back although as Chris Sutton says we need to sharpen up upfront but i feel things are still on the up. 6 points from 9 isn't a bad return for Suttons first three games (plus two were away from home)

This was my third visit to Northampton and all three have ended in 1-0 defeats. hmmm one to avoid next season me thinks. We didn't even vist the old thatched Inn In the village of sturton under Barton on the way back!(its an old story that i wont go into here!)

Admission £19
Programme £3
Badge £3
Ground 4/10
Match 3/10
Imps man of the match- Janos!!

The most entertaining points of the day came at halftime.Firstly the prize in the raffle was a free months membership at the same gym chain the Baz works out at!!!
I know alot of clubs have cheerleaders these days but where oh where did Northampton get a male cheer leader to join there troupe and dance to Leonia Lewies "Bleeding love"?
can you imagine the stick you would get at work the next day if you did that? i hope the lad was payed very well!!!

Brodsworth welfare AFC v AFC Emley

NECL League cup 2nd round

Last Wednesday England and Northern Ireland were both on TV in world cup qua lifers.We however made the short journey across the Yorkshire border to watch this NECL league cup tie yes i do need help!!

On the face of it this game offered goals. Brodsworth have been the whipping boys of the NECL this season. conceding 10 goals,9 goals 8 and 7 goals in a game already this season .(plus a 5 a couple of times!)
The ground like alot in this area has seen much better days.I have only been going around the non league seen for the last year or so but i have noticed the difference in ground quality between clubs in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.The place is a long way behind the likes of Rainworth and Radford.
There is a basic club house,selling the normal football food stuff. Got a bottle of Bud for £1.50 though.They had run out of badges but at £3.50 i can get one cheaper online.
The ground is quite basic but there is plenty of covering both on one side of the pitch and behind the far goal as you walk into the ground with hard standing all the way around.
Emley started the match very well knocking the ball around well and totally dominating the match.Brodsworth were very much chasing shadows.Emleys final ball was letting them down time after time.It did seem as if it was just a matter of time before they scored.Brodsworth did try to get back into the match but kept giving away stupid free kicks away just as it looked as if they were getting into good positions.
As halftime approached with it still goalless but on 45 mins Brodsworth surprisingly took the lead through a great goal by Shane Fox scoring from the edge of the box with a nice curling shot.

At halftime it dawned that as this was a cup tie we could well have extra time, not what any of us wanted if truth be told.The second half started the same as the first. but as the game wore on Emley looked to be running out of ideas,until Brodsworths Neil Bagshaw headed into his own net from the edge of the area over his own goalkeeper 1-1
As we feared the game went into extra time.we sat down in the stand to see it and thankfully Emley scored through Gavin Armitage.The drizzle started to come down as both teams looked totally knackered towards the end.
Final score 1-2
Brodsworth will take some comfort form this result compared to some of the tonkings they have had this season and if Emley play like this sooner or later they will give somebody a good tonking themselves

Admission £5
Programme £1 quite poor value for ony 3 A4 sheets of paper 3/10
Ground 5/10
clubhouse 5/10
Match quality 4/10
WAG Factor 5/10
Food, dint have any

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lincoln United 1-1 Frickley Athletic

FA cup 3rd qualifying round.

With the Mighty Imps away at the dump that is Macclesfield i decided to go to Ashby Avenue on the outskirts of the city to watch Lincoln United's quest for FA cup glory.
Frickley play their football a league above united, however Lincoln had already knocked out Retford United (who play in the same league as Frickley) in the first qualifying round. Lincoln United are the only team from the unibond division one south still in the cup and were playing their 5th match in the FA cup this year which is more than a lot of Premiership clubs will play when they enter in the 3rd round proper in January. Because of this cup run United are second bottom in their division but have up to four games in hand over some teams.

Ashby Avenue home of the Whites

Its about a 30 minute walk to Ashby Avenue from the train station. On the way i popped into Pets at Home to check out the latest news from the Guinea pig world (if there was any). They had some wonderfully cute Guinea's in there but although i would have loved to have given one or two a home, i know its much better to rescue them from a rescue centre.
I popped into the Monsoons inn near the ground and found out that Scotland had lost two nil to Japan. This match had been organised because the Scottish FA thought that they would have a world cup playoff in November to prepare for. As we all know that went tits up although it would have been interesting to see if the ten players who pulled out through injury for this game would have done the same had Scotland still been involved in the World cup. Japan is along way to go to get beat in a meaningless game.

You will have to go a long way to find a better run non league side than Lincoln United. They have plenty of covering around the ground, you are always made welcome and the food is great. I didn't have any on this occasion, due to the fact that i stuffed my face at the chip shop outside the ground. The chips were very nice and the batter on the fish was quite tasty; not bad for £3.30 (its an extra 10p if you want them in a box but i didn't bother as i always think they taste better out of the paper).
Next stop was the clubhouse. There were a few in there already when i got there at about 2.10pm.
The problem with watching all these non-league games here there and everywhere is that you start to see the same faces and they are not always the faces you want to see. For example today i saw a chap who's arse exhales the worse gas in Yorkshire, of which he is proud, i also saw a couple of hoppers who seem to do nothing but take pictures of each other and not watch the game.

I wanted to get into the ground quite early as it looked like there would be a larger than normal crowd in. After paying my six quid at the turnstile i got the programme and was gutted to see that Imps legend Terry Flemming was one of the few players who already had a sponsor. I say this as i had planned to sponsor him myself; looks like its another £25 quid to spend in the pub then!!

Frickley took control of the match at the start and as they did when i saw them play Worksop in an earlier round. It took about ten minutes or so but United slowly started to find their feet in the match, anything worthwhile from Lincoln came through Ex Imp Jamie Forrester. Although he may not have the pace he once had, his footballing brain is as sharp as ever. It was his good work halfway through the first half that gave Lincoln the first real scoring chance of the match; he beat two men on the right hand side drew the keeper off his line but his cross was mis-kicked by George Zuerner.
Soon after that Frickley took the lead with a well taken goal that involved some good passing football in the build up.
Sods law struck again as i wandered out to the clubhouse a couple of minutes before the end of the first half. During this time Forrester scored with a diving header to make it 1-1! I watched the halftime scores come through in the clubhouse. The Imps were the only goalless game in the Division at half time.

As is often the case at this level the second half didn't quite live up to the first. Chances were few and far between and much of the play was bogged down in midfield. Frickey, whose supporters travelled in good numbers, maybe just shaded possession but failed to do much with it. The main talking point came 10 minutes from the end when Lincoln united's number 9, Sam Wilkinson, was sent off for an alleged stamp. I was at the other end of the ground but to me it looked like the Frickley player slid in from the side to tackle him and the Lincoln player just fell on him but the ref had no hesitation in showing the red card.
That was the last meaningful action of the game and it means the two sides will have to do it all again in Yorkshire in the replay on Tuesday night.

Just a couple of other bits, The Imps won 1-0 thanks to a Rene Howe penalty to maintain Chris Suttons 100% record. Gainsborough Trinity lost there FA cup tie so Lincoln United are Lincolnshires only remaining non-league side left in the FA cup

Admission £6
Programme £1.50
Badge £3
Food 6/10-fish and chips
Clubhouse 7/10
Match quality 6/10

Both sides had female phyisos and for me Lincolns shaded it!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The match that never was

Last night we made the short 6 miles or so trip up the road to watch the CML Supreme division match between Ollerton Town and Sutton Town.
However the club were unable to get the floodlight generator to work, the floodlights came on intermittently for about 5 minutes at a time or so the kept dieing out. at 8.00pm 15 mins after the planned kick off time the ref made the correct decision to abandon the game without a ball being kicked.And as not football had been played we were refunded with our £3 entrance fee.

To be honest the weather here in North Nottinghamsire was dreadful last night and although there is some covering at the ground i must admit i wasn't looking forward to being stood out in it. on the way back there was a torrential downpour and even if the match had started it could well have bee abandoned due to the rain.

While we waited to see if they could fix the lights we had a nice cup of tea in the tea hut (50p very nice!) and read the programme which i thought was quite good for this level.
So i am still to see a game on at this ground(the nearest ground to my house that i haven't seen a match on in the non-league pyramid) although i have played cricket here for the Gentlemen of lound hall cricket club many moons ago and now i have been inside the ground so i am getting closer! can i count it as a ground done? some would but until i have seen a ball being kicked here i wont count it.

up coming games

Saturday 10th of October

FA cup third qualifier

Lincoln United v Frickley
(Mighty Imps are away at Maccelsfield)

Saturday 17th October
struggling here a bit the Imps are away again,this time at Northampton and at 19 quid a ticket it looks unlikely i will go to that one i have noticed the following games but i am looking for different venues

Shirebrook Town v Gamesley (Derbyshire cup)
Retford United v Nantwich fc

Saturday 24th October

Lincoln City v Torquay United

Saturday 31st October

Gainsbrough Trinity v Gloucester City

Monday, 5 October 2009

A day (and night)of Watching sport on TV

Its not to often i watch sport on TV and so its sods law that two match's i was in interested were on TV on the same day although the kicks offs were over twelve hours apart. The old firm match between Rangers and Celtic Kicking off at 12.30 pm and The Pittsburgh Steelers v The San Diego Charges Kicking off at 1.20 AM uk Time (7.20 et)
So will the shopping out of the way and the Guinea pigs seen to it was of the the Joiners Arms pub just around the corner for the 1st old firm match of the season.

there was quite a good atmosphere in the bar although it wasn't to busy.there were about half a dozen in there watching all of which were supporting the Rangers.Most were stood but with me wanting to save my energy for the rest of the day decided to act like an old man and slobbed out on one of the leather couch's to watch the game.
Rangers stormed into a two goal lead after 16 minutes or so. The two center backs for Celtic were all over the place for much of the first half. Celtic got back into it after about half an hour with a penalty kick. Before that they had had two penalty appeals waved away by the ref which to be honest looked more Worthy of a penalty than the one they were awarded.The ref has today come out and apologised about the first incident saying he made a mistake and should have awarded the penalty kick. the score at the time was 1-0 to the Rangers if the penalty had been given who knows? some you get some you don't as they say.
The second half was to be fair crap with little in the way of chances for either side. Rangers held on to win 2-1 and close the gap on Celtic to a point. All to play for then as they say.

After the old firm match Had finished they swithced the screen over to show the second half of the Arsenal v Blackburn match Arsenal were 3-2 up and the time and when on to win 6-2.Although i don't watch or am to interested in the premier league it is a joy to watch Arsenal when they play like this. The Blackburn manger can moan about not getting a penalty in the first half but i don't think it would have made any difference to the final result in the slightest.Arsenal on this form are simply unstoppable.

I had been looking forward to watching the Steelers (world champions) for a few weeks now. I had booked the next day of work as the game wouldn't finish till about 4 in the morning.We haven't had a great start to the season going into the match 1-2 with the Ravens ahead in the division 3-0 so we really had to win.New England had done us a huge favour by beating the Ravens earlier in the day so we couldn't afford to miss the chance to go 2-2 against the charges.
I had got aload of beer and popcorn in for the match but at 1.30 am i didn't feel like drinking beer so i opted for earl grey tea instead which went down very well indeed.
As had been the way this season the steelers started the 1st quarter in devastating style scoring touchdowns on the first two drives. The sight of San Diego's defensive coordinator losing his rag with his side was one of the sights of the game for me. another touchdown was scored in the 2nd quarter to make it 21-0 at half time.
We had a chat about the match at half time which was fun and helped me get an insight into the game as i still don't fully understand all of which is going on. it always helps to get an expert opioion form somebody who knows all the rules.
we held on for the win even though we suffered our normal 4th quarter collapse.
my high point was either the bit where we charged to make 4 inch's (just a mass pile of bodies barging into each other!!!Great stuff.

so after two defeats on the road we are back to winning ways! and i think i know why we fell apart in the second half! its down to a certain somebody changing from an imps top to a fluffy red pj top at half time!!!!! you know who you are!!! ;-)

next up its Detroit and then the Browns so here's to hopefully two more wins!!!

Lincoln City 1-0 Aldershot Town

Happy 125th Birthday Lincoln city football club!

These was without a doubt the Imps best performance of the season.Chris Sutton oppted to go with a new formation using a 4-4-1-1 with Richard Butcher playing in the hole behind Rene Howe.The result being that Butcher had his best game in an Imps shirt since his return in the summer.
At the back Suttons first signing Adam Watts looked steady making a good clearance of off the line in the first half.
Another good point from the game was that as predictated on this very blog Scott Kerr was dropped to the bench with Stefan Oakes given the captions armband. The result was that Lincolns middfield was alot more creative with Oakes playing a blinder.And to think only last season he along with Frank Sinclir were made the scapegoats(Although the Retford Imps never took this view)
Although i dont rate Kerr i did think it was wrong for some sections of the Imps crowd to boo him when he came on for Oakes in the second half.As Sutton has said we all need to stick together At times like these although i have booed at the end of games i dont see any point in booing during the game.
The goal came 7 mins from the end when torres scored with a cool finish form a through ball from Butcher.It would be great if we could sign him up on a peremant deal but i feel this is unlikly.The best we can hope for is to extend the loan i feel.
So the win lifts us up to 18th.Although this doesnt sound great the league table is as tight as a duck arse with only 5 points seperating Grimsby in 22nd and Burton in 12th. The Imps are 4 points from the relagation zone and 8 from the playoff zone.
Another Intersting fact is that we have played 7 of the top 9 already (out of 11 games play this season) our run of opponests in the next few weeks also looks interesting they are .....

Maccelsfield town (A) 15th
Northampton Town (A) 19th
Torquay United (H) 23rd
Morcombe (A) 21st
Cheltenham Town (H) 13th
Grimsby Town (H) 22nd

I am not stupid enough to think that we will win all of thoses but there should be a good chance of picking up a few points as Sutton brings in more players and hopefully confidance returns.


Friday, 2 October 2009

The King is dead,Long live the King

I decided not to post about Peter Jackson's sacking till we replaced him. I liked Jacko, when he came in we were cut adrift at the bottom of the table and staring relegation in the face. He was a breath of fresh air and just what was needed at the time. Not only did he keep us up but he also won an even bigger battle with throat cancer.
Many feel he hyped up our chances too much before the 2008/09 seson but look at it this way, how can you not have a positive outlook when you have lead the club to safety and beaten cancer? Surely anybody would feel they could take on the world after that. Some say he made bad signings, maybe so, but so do most league two managers. Look at big Keith when he was here for every 5 signings he made, one would be good, one ok and three crap. OK we didnt set the league alight but we were soild in midtable.
Looking back it was probably the 5-1 defeat at Grimsby that was the beginning of the end for Jacko and it is sad that Jacko never got us a win in the Lincolnshire derby.
Jacko is a people's man as he demonstrated, both when we meet him at a pre season game at Retford United, and on the pre season tour in Germany. Good luck for the future Jacko i would have given you a bit longer to turn it around; it is just a sad sign of the way football is going now

Its Chris Sutton!!

Thankfully the board didnt go with Gary Brabin for the job. I am sure he did a decent job for Cambridge when playing the likes of Forest green and Lewes but league two is a bit different plus the budget here isnt as big as the one he had at Cambridge.
To say Chris Sutton was a suprise is a bit of an understatment. He has never been a manager before but, as he said himself, everbody has to start somewhere. We went with experience when we appointed Alan Buckley and Peter Jackson and it didnt work out.

Up until the 94-95 season when I was at school, before I got into following live football, I supported Norwich City for a few reasons.

1)They had a bright yellow kit
2)nobody else supported them at school
3)They were rather good

For me this was the best era for the Premier league, Manchester united were still the team to beat but there was none of this big four crap there is now. Norwich finished 3rd in 93/94 and had a great run in the UEFA cup the following year. They regularly beat the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea (who were nothing more than a midtable team at best)
One of Norwichs best results was winning at Liverpool on the last day of the season in front of the old kop on its last day before it was demolished. That was a great day at school the following monday as i could wind up all the liverpool fans about it.
Chris sutton was the main man for Norwich then. Manchester united had Cantona, Arsenal had Wright, Blackburn had Shearer and Norwich had Sutton! For a while he was the best young striker in England and my favorite player behind Bryan Gunn and Vinnie jones of Wimbledon. I was gutted when Blackburn bought him in the 94-95 season and he scored against Norwich at Carrow road as they were relegated.
Blackburn won the league.
Chris has been a winner more or less everywhere he has been; League winners medals in England and Scotland, played in European finals, etc, etc. So if the likes of Scot kerr start gobbing off i hope he reminds them who they are talking to! He has many contacts and has been doing some coaching at Fulham under one of the best English managers we have had over the past 10-15 years in Roy Hodgson, so he has plenty of contacts to fall back on and to ask advice from including Martin o neil.

GOOD LUCK CHRIS!!!!!!!!! heres some of his goals!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lincoln city 0-3 Notts county

New Imps manager chris sutton

A few things we learnt from Tuesday night.....

A lot of "new" Notts county fans seemed to have appeared from somewhere. they brought over 1800 with them Tuesday as appose to 800 or so last season when they were crap and hadn't had millions of pounds ploughed into them by a foreign finance company

Chris Sutton has a big job on his hands but there is defiantly something to work with

We played alot better than the previous home match with Shrewsbury Town we passed it alot better and held onto the ball much better, Notts had about 5 shots on target and scored three.

If you try to shovel the last few bits of curry sauce and chips into your mouth you tend to dribble some of onto your tee shirt

We need a leader on the pitch,New manager,new coaching staff just need a new captain now for the set.

Even if you catch the ball twice (As one of our number did) it doesn't give it magic powers or help it go into our opponents net. it would be nice if it did though!

The league is still as tight as a ducks arse yes we are third bottom but a win will shoot us up about 6 or so places

There were just short of 4000 home fans there, a rise of about 1,500 from the last home game

The pre game chips were very nice! (as said by Felice and Baz)