Saturday, 31 January 2009

Never mind eh?

The time is 16.41 the place ,Sincil bank, the score lincoln 1 - Bournmouth 3

The time is 16.50 the place ,Sincil bank,the score Lincoln 3- Bournmouth 3!!!


never mind eh? you were only winning with 3 mins plus added on time to go! oh and thank the ref for thoses two dodgy penalties you got.and its only a four hour drive back to the south coast to mull over it, just as we did in 2003 from cardiff!

and that relagation is looking you square in the face!!

Never mind eh?

Friday, 30 January 2009

Its payback time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above picture is the players of Afc bournmouth celabrating there 2003 playoff final victory over the imps (5-2) At the time they were on a high after gaining promotion at our expense oh how things have changed!!

after being hit with a -17 point penalty deduction they are ten points adrift of safty and looking relagaton square in the face, we beat them 1-0 at there ground in october so lets hope we can get our 2nd double in a week and bang another nail in there coffin just as they did to us 6 years ago!!

not that i am bitter or anything...... well much anyway

gillingham away part 2

Ever so often an away game comes around when you are proud to say you were there. this one i am delighted to say falls in this group!

its always nice to leave work an hour early (even though i had to make it up today grrr!!) i nice 3 hour journy down to the crap hole that is gillingham. found a great chip shop which serves the best fish and chips i have ever had at a football away day, even beating the famous blue lagoon fish bar in glasgow! (i will take you there sometime daniellie lol) £4.40 for fish and chips is a bargin and they tasted great!!

the pub across the road was average.yes they had some nice football memorbilia on display in the form of pictures and old shirts of a wide range of clubs(and yes i was the smart arse who named them all corectly!!) but was let down by the fact that the beer was served in plastic glasses, there was not czech beer on and they had a grimsby shirt on the celling!

i must admit that although it is a southern ground i was quite impressed by it.. The main stand and the home end oppisate us are championship level, with the stand down the other side nothing special but does the job, the view from the away end is good although a roof would be nice.

In the first half we were at best awfull and at worse crap. although they wernt much better. they got a penalty to make it 1-0 at half time..

in the second half it was a diferent game,it was all lincoln we scored our goal of the season to make it 1-1 scored by "the horse" (geff horsefield) and then in time added on we showed our pace to counter form our own 18 yard box and score the winner.

our great emigma got the winner danny engussen, who is staring to show why rangers signed him and why he could be if he put his mind to it a championship even premiership player.

to win in the last min is one of the best feelings in football and to do it in a game like this a long way from home on front of 138 die hard away fans makes it all the more sweeter!! to hrer thoses moaning southern accents after the game was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got back home at about 12.45 and was up for work at 5.07!! god bless red bull!!!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Gillingham away part one.

ok then after four draws on the trot the imps have a nice 3 hour trip midd week to take on a team that has only lost once at home all season and won there last four on the bounce. we did however stuff them 2-0 at lincoln earlier in the season. its a new ground for me so i am looking foward to it.Although i am not looking foward to the uncovered away end, or the fact i will get about 4 hours sleep before i get up for work on wednesday. its a good job that red bull has been invented!!!!!

come on lincoln its a long way to go to get beat...

Sunday, 25 January 2009

groundhog day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Following on from what will hopefully be the steelers victory next week we have another one of the state of PA,s biggest days!!!! GROUDHOG DAY!! i have been boring everybody at work,tkd,football about this they just dont get the importance of the whole thing!! whats wrong with them? groundhogs forever!!
so lets hope its an early spring so the weather warms up over there so danielle,s kness stops giving her greif and she can be kicking arse at tkd very soon!!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i must say i am really looking foward to this!!! i admit that i dont know all the rules and stuff but what the hell!!! I always look foward to getting the results of the mighty steelers first thing monday morning, it makes a change to follow a winning team as apose to the not-so-mighty-but-will-be-next-year-imps!!
so it looks like i will book the monday off work so i can kick arse at taekwondo, have a few beers with the guys then get a takeawy pizza in, wear my latrobe training camp t-shirt and watch the game along side snoopy and charlie!! (with fluffy steelers ball on stand by to throw at the telle if the game doesnt go to plan!!

i would like to thank danielle for answering my dumb ass questions on football and helping me out with the rules and stuff ( i am learning slowly lol) through out the season, and inviting me to join the steeler nation!! it if great to watch and try to pick up a new sport i have almost forgiven them for getting beat by new york!!!

so as you wonderfull people in the USA would say...

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

liverpool fc

ok this is just my view on what has gone wrong with liverpool and why there title dreams are going up in smoke.

I would love liverpool to win the title, its been to long since it happened.English football needs it to happen to. In italy since 2000 Roma,Lazio,Juventus,Milan and inter have all won the championship with florintina coming close. in England we have had chelsea, Mancherster united and arsenal with nobody else getting anywhere near them, to be blunt the premier league is fast becoming boring and predicatable at the top end.

To me one of liverpools main problems is the coach.although he hasnt rotated the team as much as in past years its still way ahead of the other so called big four clubs. i thaught when they needed two games to beat league 2 luton in the FA cup,then got beat by championship Barnsley in the next round last season he would learn a thing or two about messing the team up and the advantages of a settled line up but alas no.
personaly i think that after the FA cup defeat he was the knife edge of getting the sack and beating Inter in the champions league kept his job (if there was a strong ref for the 1st leg at anfield then mayby he would have been sacked)

this year the problem has a combernation poor home form and GOALS (or lack of them) as the following results show

stoke city (H) 0-0
stoke city (A) 0-0
Fulham (H)0-0
West ham (H) 0-0
hull city (h) 2-2
Everton (H)(1-1)
Thats 12 dropped points there and thoses results are of the top of my head from talking to the chaps at work.the anoying thing is that the great wins at home to manchester united and away at chelsea have been thrown away by the above results.
now if you are struggling for goals and you have a 20 million pound fit striker on the bench you would bring him on right? WRONG! if you are Rafa.Or if he scored two goals in a game you would start him the next week wouldnt you? Again not if you are Rafa you would,nt what was the point in buying on of the top strikers over the last five years in the league then not giving him a fair chance? with the 2012 world cup on the horizon robbie keane wants to be impressing the ireland manger, not jogging up and down the touchlines warming up and playing 5 mins here another 20 there etc etc . if theis countinues i think a transfer request will be handed in. the worse thing about the whole keane sarga is that all this has happened with there number one striker torres injured, so what happens when he is fully fit? keane further down the pecking order?a loan spell at lincoln (i wish lol)
i am not saying that liverpool carnt win the league,there is always a chance in football but they seem to be shooting themselves in the foot.and with Real madrid waiting in the champions league and Everton in the fa cup it could be another season without a throphy and the owners are sooner or later going to want to see some sort of return for the cash they have pumped into one of the greatest clubs in the world
a win at old trafford in march is very much needed, over to you Rafa!!!!!!