Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The burgh boxers!!!

just to update you on the unbeaten run of lincoln games that the famous burgh boxers have now witnessed! ok the imps havnt won them all but hey we havnt lost so thats a good thing!!! the following games are as follows...

kettering town 1-1 lincoln city
lincoln city 0 -0 shrewsbury town
lincoln city 5 -1 accrington stanley
Notts county 0-1 lincoln city
lincoln city 0-0 bradford city
i will find out if the luck and works in different sports as i will be donning thr boxers the day before the steelers playoff game against either the dolphins or the ravens in the next week or so.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Inter battle in manchester!

After making a total mess of there champions league group by only taking one point out of three in the last group matchs, Internazionale of milan were in the lowest seeded teams for the last 16 of the champions league.and thus knew that they would face a group winner and play the first leg of the tie at home.

and who do they get? the champions of england,europe and more than likely the world (when they win the micky mouse club cup in japan this weekend) manchester united.

should inter win this then work will be fun as well over half of the department i work in suport manchester, lose and it will be a nightmare.

to be honest after liverpool this was the tie i didnt want. i hate to say it but man utd are the favourates.however i thaught we would walk over liverpool last year and we all know what happened there.(liverpool also played the home game first so thats a good sign) on paper inter have nothing to fear the squads are evenly matched, we are champions three times running and 6 points clear of juventus and 9 clear of thoses tossers in nasty red and black strips, the more i think about it actualy the more i think inter can do it! jose record against ferguson is 6-1 in favour of the special one. if we are going to win the champions league we have to beat the best, so lets play them now!

looking at it it doesnt appear to make much differance if you win the group or not, manchester win there group and have to face the current champions of italy, liverpools "reward" for winning there group is a match with the 9 times champions of europe real madrid. arsenal finish up 2nd but have an easier tie in my eyes by drawing AS roma who are having a poor season this time around in serie A !

Saturday, 13 December 2008

the hat!!!

the most important thing thay happend last night wasnt the fact that the imps came from a goal down at half time to thrash stanley 5-1. nor the fact that the number of people in the ground was disapointing, it was the fact that the now lucky hat was seen for the 1st time!!!! this must now become a regular thing!!!!

magpies,imps hooters and hats!!

next up for the imps is the best away trip of the season to face Notts county.on the face of it there has never been a better time to face the once mightly magpies. dumped out of the fa cup by kettering town (not that there is anything wrong or embarrasing about that i hasten to add!) a two nill defeat at chester city, and fans calling for the mangers head, ex imp jamie forrester got sent off today so thats the"ex imp scoreing against us" factor out of the window as he should be suspended!

hope to get into notts about 9 o clock in the morning, get a large breakfast then let the beer flow. nottingham has some sites to check out, the oldest pub in england along with the only hooters in england!!!

many questions will be asked in the week building up to the match, will we play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 will county still have the same manager? will jacko start with the players that turned the game on friday night? will i be drunk before 12? and mos importantly will the lucky combo of pittsburgh boxers and the hat keep the unbeaten run going?