Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Well what a night and what a game that was!!!.Like i said in an earlier blog i dont pretend to know all the rules but i understand the rules a little better than i did before this game. Some of the positions and stuff still baffle me but i am getting there i am still a rookie as they say! a wannbe kick return,thats me!!

The build up to the game over there kind of portrayed the cardinals as the nice guys who were underdogs, never won a superbowl and were for years the whipping boys of the league who had come good and turned the tables. The steelers were seen as a big nasty team that were used to winning titles and winning ugly,often grinding teams down. and had 3/4 of the fans in the stadium but didnt have a cheerleading team!

i started drinking about 6.30 uk time to warm up for the big game, a chat on the web cam with my NFL mentor so by the time the coverage came on the tv uk time 11.00 pm i was really up for it! i had a eaten half a takeaway pizza with the view to reheat the other half up but in the end i didnt need to do that (the popcorn i was munching through out the game put paid to that)

The pre-game ceremonies were most enjoyable. not quite sure what song faith hill sung but it sounded ok.The anthem of the united states was quite good although it rather took the shine of it that it wasnt sung live as i read in the paper today. and i thought it was very good to have the flight crew of the plane that landed in the river in new york there.

on to the coin toss, now this bit confused me. i am sure you dont really need six players there to toss the coin. and i would say that the head of the US armed forced must have better things to do with his time than to toss the thing. although given how the US/UK operations have gone in iraq and Afghanistan then mayby thats how decisions have been made?to invade or not invade?

(just to say i fully support our coalition and troops the ground, just not to sure why we are out there and are we doing more harm that good?)

on to the game i was fully cheering when the steelers scored what everybody thought was a touchdown only for it to be chalked off! but the steelers looked well on top of the game (to me anyway)i was bricking it though when just before half time it looked like the cardinals would score a certain touchdown and lead at half time when my 2nd favourite moment of the game happened, a 100 yard touchdown!! get in there! just before half time! i thought that must kill the game off! (shows what i know!!! ) then my top superbowl moment, the chap who got the touchdown having oxygen!!! never seen anything like that!!!!

i said at ht to my mentor that it looked like the steelers had the game wrapped up and that it was done and dusted!!! me and my big mouth!.

the third quarter was steady enough but in the 4th it went tits up big time! our famed defensive looked to have fallen to bits. their quarterback threw like a demon where as ours got sacked(as i believe the term is lol) and when they took about 2 mins left i thaught thats fucked it. i could only imagine what danielles face looked like. thankfully it all came right in the end with big ben steping up to throw a touchdown for the steelers and getting them/us out of jail just as lincoln and liverpool had done earlier in the weekend.

i was pacing up and down for most of the 4th period so it was nice to sit down and crack open yet another beer to watch the trophy being presented.

to me one of the best parts of the whole event was when dan rooney was asked if there was room for any more titles in the trophy room. he answered "we will make room" which to me sounded as if we are already building for next year!!!.

in the end i got to bed at about 4.00 am! loved the whole event and am proud to be a member of the steeler nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres to the SIX times champions!!!!

(thats more than the giants!!!)

thanks for the coaching as well danielle!!!


Well thats fu**ed that then hasnt it! sorry danielle. You can't shoot the messanger though!