Saturday, 27 April 2013

My personal statment regarding Lincoln Ladies.

First of all i would like to start by saying i wouldn't normally write this kind of article. Normally this kind of stuff is for important people and not muppets like myself. However i have received quite a few texts, emails, and messages on various social media sites regarding the news at the club yesterday, and the plans for this blog/my writing work for this season and beyond. I would like to start of by saying that this statement is my own personal view and not the view of the Lincoln Ladies supporters club or any other website that i do free lance writing for. I would also like to thank everybody for the supportive messages about the announcement yesterday. Your kind words of support were very much appreciated.

As i am sure you are all aware of now, Lincoln Ladies will be "Re-branded" as Notts County Ladies for the 2014 FAWSL season, and will play in the first division. As of the time of writing that is all that we know. The club says it will be releasing more information in due course. It goes without saying that this is a huge blow for women's football in Lincolnshire and you only have to check various social media sites to see the anger, hurt, and disappointment people are feeling at this point in time. Many people have said they will not be attending Lady Imp games for the rest of the season and while i wont be doing that myself, i fully respect their reason for doing so and can completely understand their actions.

Yesterday's news is still sinking in and it will take a while to fully digest. I wont go into my views on the reasons for it until the club gives us some 'meat on the bones'. As regards to this blog i will be carrying on doing the games and also the previews till the end of the season. As long as people are still reading and enjoying them i will keep producing them. I get huge enjoyment from writing them and helping in my own small way to promote both the club and women's football in general.

As for 2014, without wanting to sound like a politician, i really don't know what i will be doing. One thing i can definitely tell you is that i fully intend to be covering Ladies football; of that i am 100% sure. Quite simply i have had a fantastic journey over the last 18 months or so i have been writing about the women's game, and i have met some truly wonderful people along the route. I have developed some great friendships and look forward to creating more. Your support for this blog has been nothing short of fantastic and it really means a lot when i get great feedback about it. I owe Lincoln Ladies a huge thank you for giving me the opportunity to write for them and for helping get my name out there. For this i will be eternally grateful. 

For those who don't know i live in Nottinghamshire, and i also spend quite a lot of time in Nottingham watching/writing about the Ice Hockey and also various trips to Non league football. It's a city i really like and one that i could see myself living in at some point. I also have no axe to grind with Notts County as a club or their fans. From my humble abode its not that much further that Lincoln, however i have a very very strong bond with the City of Lincoln footballing wise and its one that would be very tough to break.

At the moment i have three options for next season and thankfully i have plenty of time to mull them over. At the moment i don't have a clear idea of what i will be doing but since its less than 24 hours since the news broke i am not to concerned about that. I would like to thank those who have got in touch about next year. Its very much appreciated and its great when the football family comes together at times like this.

I would just like to end with a bit of an appeal. On Sunday we have the small matter of an FA Cup semi final. Lets try and enjoy the day and give the players our full support. None of this mess is their fault, so lets get behind them not only for tomorrow, but also for the rest of the season. It's been a tough journey in getting the fan base together and as this will be the last time we get the chance to win the FA Cup as Lincoln so lets not throw it away. Also lets not ask the players for their view on the "Re-branding" its not in their remit. Let them concentrate on matters on the pitch.

If anybody wants to chat about this season, or next, or anything really, then please get in touch my email is

Thank you for reading this


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  1. Great blog Adam,thank you for for all the great work you do to promote the Womens Game.