Monday, 9 September 2013

Exciting new announcement.

Over the past month or so this blog has been rather quiet. Firstly i would like to apologise for this and would like to thank you all for your patience. I do foresee this site getting back to normal very quickly. As many of you know i am watching more and more women's football and covering quite alot of it for SportsInternational magazine, so much of my writing time has been dedicated to that. It seems strange looking at the lack of activity on this blog but i am actually writing more now that i ever have done.

Another reason for my time away from this site is the development of being asked if i would be interested in becoming a founder and co-host of a brand new podcast/internet radio show about women's football. I found this a very exciting proposition and it really didn't take me long to decide that i wanted to get involved in this.
So what is this and who are we? Well i am sure that after 5 years writing on here you have a pretty good idea of who i am, but i would like to introduce my fellow founder and co-host Patty La Bella. Patty is a women's football writer who lives in California and holds media credentials with US soccer NWSL and the MLS. She has a wealth of experience writing and covering various sports, male and female, and has a huge passion for women's football/soccer. She also writes professionally for a number of outlets including one magazine about ferrets. You can check out her work covering the NWSL  here!!!!!!

The aim of the show is to cover women's football from both sides of the Atlantic and around the world. I wont go in to too much on here, but if you check out the website and head over to the "About the show" section you will get a pretty good idea of what we are going to try and do. The plan is for the first proper show to go out a couple of days before the England v Wales World cup qualifier on the 26th of October. At the moment we plan to do the show once a fortnight but who knows, as the FAWSL and NWSL start up next year and the road to the Women's World cup in Canada starts, it may be more often.

Along with the website, we have launched an official facebook page for you to like and a twitter feed for you to follow. We would greatly appreciate it if you would do both and give us feedback on the show when we go live, and also suggest anything else you want to hear us discuss on the show. We do plan on having a section on the show where we answer your questions and we really want to people to interact with the show. More news about the show, times, and guests who will be appearing will be announced on these two mediums so by following us you will be right up to date with our plans.

Well thats all from me, I hope this new project interests you and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the show.

Our Offical website Is here

Facebook page can be found here 

Our offical twitter account is  found here

The Womens Worldwide Football Show team.
(Patty and Adam)

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